Joanna combines painting with variations on the traditional printing techniques of etching and takuhon, digital printing and photography.

She incorporates various mediums including oil paint, etching ink, wax and pastel, to create visually striking and ambiguous images which confront the complex relationship between human activity and the natural world. 

By using materials that can be applied, removed and blended, Joanna mimics the formation of surface through biological and chemical erosion.

Surface, representation and meaning are eroded to give way to pure sensation. 

Until the start of her MA at Central Saint Martins in 2018, she has been a self-taught painter, but since joining the course became interested in the possibilities of print making, specialising in both traditional methods including etching and woodcut, and digital print and combining all of these disciplines. 

She has worked on a variety of creative projects including making work at The Tate Exchange in 2019 and then again in 2020.

Recent exhibitions and prizes include: Figurative Art Now for The Federation of British Artists (current), Earth photo Competition 2021 with upcoming exhibition of works at The Royal Geographical Society, The Royal Society of British Artists at The Mall Galleries, (2021), The Sotheby Institute of Art Charity Auction for Médicins Sans Frontières (2020), The Peggy Jay Gallery (2020) The Woolwich Contemporary Art Fair (2019) and Holt Festival (2020), The Grange Festival (2019) and Cass Art (2019). She is a winner fo the Nasdaq Art Prize 2021, and her work will be exhibited at their global headquarters in Time Square this year. She was a was a finalist in the Glyndebourne Touring Art Competition with work exhibited in Gallery 94 at Glyndebourne.

She is a Made in Arts London artist and her work also features on the Slash Arts online gallery.